Dominique Emond

Vendeur #2 Seller
Via Capitale Outaouais 2011

Vendeur #1 Seller
Via Capitale Outaouais 2012

Vendeur #2 Seller
Via Capitale Outaouais 2013

In 2011, Dominique Emond was ranked in the top ten Real Estate Brokers Solos, of the Province of Quebec, at Via Capitale.

SELL YOUR HOUSE with Dominique Emond, it means having the right to a PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER, a DESIGNER (a true metamorphosis before the sale) and above all, you will have a DIRECT CONTACT with her because Dominique, whether by phone or email, she will answer you quickly. At the first meeting, she will open you a file. You can trust her because she will be an excellent guide from the beginning to the end of the transaction.

She has been a Real Estate Broker for 12 years; her clientele include 80% of people who have to deal with transfers; so it is likely that one of your colleagues has used her services. It is talking with her you will find the common link. Her husband is in the military, she moved 13 times with her husband, kids and dog, so she understands personally what kind of a journey it is to search for a home (deadlines, choice of notary, choice of inspector, rates). She also understands what it means to prepare a House for Sale, to keep the house clean, the visits and the disturbances.

When dealing with Dominique for Buying or Selling a Home, you can count on her to help you.

WHEN BUYING YOUR HOUSE from a transfer with Dominique Emond, she will wait for you to make the journey in search of a home. Take you to the hotel; you will visit the homes and neighborhoods as well as some local attractions (delicatessens, bakeries, etc.). She will do for you, what she would like to have done for her. This is not just buying a house, but all that goes with it, the neighbourhood, the schools, the services, etc.

Once the sale is completed, you can always reach her for just about any question because she knows how it is, when moving to a new city, it can be frustrating not knowing where the repair shop is for the car, where the best hairdresser is... Dominique will follow you before, during and after your home purchase. No waste of time, as it is monitored at all times.

If you are in the area and want to purchase a home, you will meet with Dominique; she will target your wishes in your future home and work with you as a team.

Dominique is from the Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean, she has lived all over (Montreal, Quebec, New-Brunswick, British-Columbia, Outaouais, U.S.A., England and Turkey), her openness and her contact with people make her the perfect person to Buy or Sell your Home.

Buy & Sell your Home with DOMINIQUE EMOND!